Communications and electronic device adapters

Capability of Custom Plate Examples

 The national leader in standard and custom retro-fit adapters , Industrial Plastic Supply can manufacture all formats for your nurse call, patient station, intercom, dome lights, fire alarm, surveillance, phone or any electrical panel conversion.

From Alpha to Zetler Systems, we have over 35,000 standard formats.  From flat plates to three dimensional surface mount boxes. When you need to install anything electronic, we have the installation adapter, goof plate, retro-fit ring or conversion adapter you need. We can customize an installation plate to fit your requirements.

 Adapter Plates For Every Sector:

Hospitals • Schools • Office and Residential • Electronic •     Fire Alarm and Fire Safety • Government / Military

 ( NO more  rubber bands, paper clips and duct tape)

With the latest in manufacturing technology, plus our 35 years of manufacturing  experience let us help you get the job done right.

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